Experienced local trainers

Founder of the Swedish Shakespearesociety, Roland Heiel

Founder of HamletAcademy, Lisbeth Joergsholm 
Lisbeth think of herself as a Shakespeare archaeologist and a Renaissance anthropologist.
In her field as a Shakespeare researcher Lisbeth is very much inspired by New Historicism and the works of one of its founding fathers; Professor of the Humanities Stephen Greenblatt.

Another huge inspirational source, friend and personal supporter is emeritus Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics Peter D. Usher; author of Shakespeare and the Dawn of Modern Science.
Richard III

How to get it ?
How to lose it ?
That is the question

Join our Masterclass at Hotel Hamlet & Experience Richard III In the 2019
Spectacular Open air Shakespeare Festival Production at Kronborg Castle

From the Shakespeare Festival 2019 / Richard III:
Richard is unlike the others. And well aware of this he is. Richard has lost all hope of escaping from the box that he has been put into by the town gossip - due to his deformed body. One thing only can set him free – one thing only will work to give him the recognition and the respect that he longs for so badly:
THE CROWN – the ultimate symbol of the superior power in the realm.

So Richard decides to become a villain and accordingly removes everybody who stand in his way. A fatal choice this turns out to be. A choice that drags himself and his opponents through an amazing play of power; using sex, humiliation and murder on his way to the final disaster. Richard is probably the meanest and most villainous scoundrel in the entire history of theatre.

So do you have the guts to face him ?
If so: Join us at the ShakespeareMasterclass 2019.

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Information and important details:

Masterclass students will be accommodated and masterclass activities will unfold primarily in newly renovated facilities at Hotel Hamlet. The Hotel is situated close to the station, with a view to the harbor and a peek to Kronborg Castle.

Lectures on the program will be: 
Roland Heiel, chairman of Svenska Shakespearesällskapet.  Read more
And Masterclass host Lisbeth Joergsholm, researcher and founder of Hamletacademy.

Primary target group: Members of Svenska Shakespearesällskapet and everybody else, who take an interest in digging deeper into the Shakespearian Universe.

Students will provide their own transportation to Helsingoer and make their own booking at Hotel Hamlet.

Please enroll in the Masterclass before you make the booking. When booking say that you take part in the 2019 ShakespeareMasterclass.

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Masterclass Program

Start: Wednesday 31/7 kl.
9.30 – 16.30

9.30 Welcome, Presentation, Mini lecture
Lisbeth Joergsholm:
The notorious Crown Usurper Richard III - 2012, corps and scull in a car park facility in Leistershire. Is Richard actually a bad fellow in terms of historical facts? We´ll get back to this tomorrow. What of Richard as of today?
We´ll get back to this before we say goodbye on Friday.

10.30 - 11.30 Lecture
Roland Heiel:
Shakespeare´s Theatre

Break : Coffee &Tea

12.00 – 12.45
Roland Heiel:
Introduction to Shakespeare Festival 2019 / Richard III,
staged by Lars Romann Engell, HamletScenen, Kronborg Castle.

13.00 – 13.30 'Smørebrødslunch' at The Happy Plate.
(Restaurant at Hotel Hamlet)

13.45 – 16.30 Coffee & Tea Cinema
Cinema/ Film:
Richard III. The 1955 Oscar award winning production by Sir Laurence Olivier.
(The film is 2.35 hours, two stops on the road)

16.30 Mutual Reflections, Pinpointing themes for further discussions.

17.00 End of Masterclass for today.

Dinner on your own.
Or: 19.30 Pizzaparty at 'Amici Mei' in Stengade
(Lisbeth will see to the booking)

21.00  Feel free to join Informal Drinks & Talk in Scroll Bar at Hotel Hamlet.

Thursday 1/8 kl. 9.30 – 12.45
Roland Heiel and Lisbeth Joergsholm:
Students voices: Themes in Richard III. + reflections from yesterday´s lectures and Talks.

10.45 – 11.45  Lecture
Lisbeth Joergsholm:
A short outline of British History: Noble Families Powerfights leading up to
Richard´s usurpation of the crown in 1483
(… though this be madness, yet there is method in it, Hamlet Act 2, scene 2)

12.00 – 12.45 Lecture:
Lisbeth Joergsholm
Shakespeares´ Theatre revisited: Patterns in power – past and present:
How to get it & How to loose it.

13.00 Visit to Kronborg Castle.
Picnic: Hotel takeaway sandwiches with a bottle of water.
'Hamlet Live' in the courtyard. Enjoy Roland playing the lute singing renaissance songs in The Dancehall. Some of us might grab a cup of coffee at the Café 'Strandvejsristeriet'.
15.00  Afternoon at your own disposal.

19.00 - 22.30  Kronborg Castle
Opening evening Richard III, Open Air Shakespeare Festival 2019.   

22.45 Informal Nightcap in Scroll bar

Friday 2/8 kl. 9.30 – 16.00

9.30 – 10.30.  Lecture:
Roland Heiel & Lisbeth Joergsholm:
New perspectives on Royal Power, King Richard III and King Lear.

10.30: break

10.45 - 12.30  Reflections and Debate

12.30 – 14.00  Sandwich Lunch from the Hotel.
Picnic on your own on the harbor square in front of the Culture Yard.
Or revisit 'Hamlet Live' at Kronborg Castle (on your own account).

14.00 – 16.00  Closing down
Mini lecture: 'Richard III' as of today.
Usurpers in a contemporary context Reflections, Evaluation of ShakespeareMasterclass 2019.

Goodbye Safe trip home. See you in 2020


Time & Price
July 31.th - August 2.nd 
at Hotel Hamlet, Bramstræde 5, 3000, Helsingør.

The ShakespeareMasterclass 2019 will unfold in a collaboration between Hamletacademy, Svenska Shakespearesällskapet and HamletScenen at Kronborg Castle.
The 2019 ShakespeareMasterclass´ focus will be on investigating past and contemporary understandings of William Shakespeares´ probably most notorious character of them all;

Richard III, the usurper king.
The peek event will probably be the opening night at Kronborg Castle 2019 Open Air production of the play.
During one of the closing lectures we will take Richard III into a wider perspective by paying a brief visit to the drama of King Lear.
Please note that the festival music event` Songs of Lear, itself, will be out of the masterclass scope.
Hotel Hamlet, Prices:
Single room:
DKK 715, incl. really nice breakfast
Double room:
DKK 915,- incl. really nice breakfast

Masterclass Price:
Total fee for the Masterclass lectures at Hotel Hamlet + coffee, tea and fresh water, one `smørrebrøds lunch` + a glass of vine/ beer / or soft drink at the Hamlet hotel restaurant “ The Happy Plate”, 2 times picnic lunch + a bottle of water and premiere theatre tickets ( Category Blue) to opening night of Richard III.
total DKK 2.000

For registration at Hamlet Academy, please contact Lisbeth Joergsholm
Registre here

The full amount is paid upon registration. Registration is binding. Registration by 1st of June 2019.

The MasterClass is subject to cancellation if a minimum enrollment of 10 participants is not obtained. All inrolled participants will be notified and payment will be returned.
Looking forward to seeing you at the MasterClass 2019
Hamlet Academy  | Tlf.: +45 60141249